by | Jun 27, 2024

KY Agriculture Council Leads the Way in Developing a Strategic Plan for Industry Development

To support and expand the state’s agricultural sector, the Kentucky Agricultural Council (KAC) is actively working on a five-year Strategic Roadmap for Kentucky Agriculture. Over 250 leaders from various sectors of Kentucky agriculture have participated in the process, contributing to nine key strategies:

  1. Protecting farm transitions and sustaining Kentucky farmlands.
  2. Prioritizing workforce development.
  3. Engaging agriculture in Kentucky’s economic development discussions.
  4. Fostering supply chain coordination to improve market access.
  5. Continuing diversification and innovation across farm, food, fuel, and fiber.
  6. Developing agriculture’s partnerships in the food and health space.
  7. Creating more value-added markets across the Commonwealth.
  8. Growing collaboration, coordination, and communications within Kentucky ag.
  9. Building understanding around farming and food amongst all Kentuckians.

Stakeholders have been meeting regularly to refine and expand upon these strategies, with the most recent meeting held on June 5th in Lexington. 

Laura Knoth, the executive director of the Kentucky Corn Grower’s Association, is a board member of the KAC and actively participated in the plan’s development. 

“Seeing the enthusiasm and commitment from Kentucky’s farming community as a whole is encouraging, and I appreciate the Council’s efforts to promote economic development in our state,” Knoth said. 

While the final plan will be unveiled on November 14–15 at the Kentucky Agricultural Summit in Louisville, many KAC member organizations have already started putting some of the recommended strategies into practice.

These immediate actions include:

  • Working with partners to determine agriculture’s economic multiplier.
  • Conducting a consumer survey about Kentucky agriculture.
  • Developing programs to address farmers’ mental and physical health.
  • Assisting young farmers and protecting farmland.
  • Establishing protocols for biosecurity and natural disasters.
  • Working on connections between the supply chain and Kentucky’s farm products.
  • Providing insight on workforce needs to educational partners.

In an effort to get legislators’ input and support, KAC members also presented the Strategic Roadmap to the Interim Joint Committee on Agriculture in Frankfort.

The KAC views this Strategic Roadmap as a living document that will be updated as tactics are implemented and new challenges arise. They are committed to working collaboratively to ensure the continued growth and success of Kentucky’s agricultural sector.For more information and updates on the Strategic Roadmap, visit the KAC website at

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